Babe Who?????

All aboard the Shohei train 🚂 Choo Choo!

Hey we all make mistakes and accountability is key here at Hi-Top so the Lil’ Dogg has no problem saying Le Cap got this take wrong.

Ohtani hit a bomb last night:

Has Ohtani been perfect? No…well kinda…cuz he did get a hit in his first at-bat, then win his first pitching outing then knock a 3-Run ding dong is his first plate appearance at home two days after pitching so yeah I suppose he could be batting a cool 1.000 or something but otherwise that’s a pretty damn good start to a season considering every pundit and their momma predicted Shohei would struggle mightily and need to go down to the Minors to “adjust”.

Watching a dude throw nasty junk on the mound then turn around and knock the ball out of the park as a DH is capital F FUN FUN FUN and if you think otherwise you’re a stick in the mud who needs to go kick rocks.

Shohei Ohtani is out here Making Baseball Fun Again and the Lil’ Dogg is declaring Hi-Top full on MBFA supporters.

Sorry not sorry Le Cap. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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