(N)O.B.J.: Trade for Beckham Would be Mistake

Right off the bat, here’s a preemptive “Stuff it in a sock” to Lil’ Dogg…who is constantly accusing me of not liking fun.

I LOVE fun. I want ALL the fun. Bring me the FUN!!!! You know what I find the most fun? Winning!  And if the Patriots want to win now, and keep winning, they’re not going to mess with OBJ.

There has been a lot of speculation around these parts that after the Cooks trade, the Pats have the ammo to go after OBJ.


pats picks

Odell Beckham Jr. is exciting, make no mistake. I bet base jumping is exciting too. And I am sure as shit not strapping on a wingsuit with those idiots, because eventually, they’ll all going to end up being scraped off the side of a mountain.

If I’m the Patriots, I’m not interested in the thrill of having Beckham around.

Beckham was hurt all of last season, and he’s in the last year of his deal. He wants a HUGE deal, which the Pats aren’t going to give him. You want to trade TWO #1’s (reported asking price) for that? No matter how ridiculous he’s been, he just had ankle surgery and is going to be looking out for #1…or #13, I guess.

Not to mention, for all of that elite production, what has it really meant for the Giants? He’s been to one playoff game in his career…and caught 4/28y, on 11 Targets in a blowout loss.

Off the field…that’s a whole ‘nother thing. Get this guy the hell away from my team.


OBJ one hand


Personally, I was a huge Beckham fan early on. I don’t mind personality and brashness, especially in my Wide Receivers…comes with the territory.  But my eyebrow began to raise when he started “working on” one handed catches, seemingly all the time, and seemingly ALWAYS in front of a camera. HARDO move. Screams JJ Watt.

*FYI- I thought the same thing when they’ve showed video of Edelman working on diving catches, as if that’s why he made the catch in SB 51. That was athleticism…and luck.


Then came the boat trip with Bieber…punching holes in walls….the love-hate affair with the kicking net…the (alleged) yayo with the French Instagram model…the contract demands…the consistent self-branding….


beckham net


Look, man, you do you. Live it up. Just pass the tests, stay healthy, and catch a hundred balls (even with two hands). But….dude, you can’t at the same time be threatening to hold out, and just not accept that these things hurt your case. That’s not how any of this works.

You don’t get the attention of a big star, without some of it being negative. And you don’t get to be a big star on your own. It’s the same reason I told Gronk to quit bitching. All the Gronk side-show and baggage is baked into his deal. It’s why he’s like the 4th highest paid TE, and had to play like an All-Pro to even get that.

If OBJ wants to come in, be professional, fall in line, and earn his $$ on the field, I’m all for it (still not for two #1’s). But there is no sign of this. All reports seem to indicate he wants to be the highest paid WR in the game, and doesn’t want to wait. If he’s going to continue being the same dude…he can stay in NY, or wherever they trade him to. It just seems too exhausting to me.

Let’s also not forget, that for 2.5 years, Randy Moss towed the company line, and they won dick with him…and he was 5 times the receiver Beckham is.

It’s funny that so many around here are wondering if Belichick has lost his grasp on the locker room, but they are the same ones that want to bring this circus to town?



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