NBA Rewind – Dunks on Dunks on Dunks

Hi-Topper Nation! It’s been a minute. Let’s dust off the NBA Rewind cobwebs and get right to the action cuz last night in the ONLY LEAGUE THAT MATTERS we had dunks on top of dunks on top of dunks.

Hornets 💁‍♂️ Bulls 🤦‍♂️

Who cares what the score was or who won just peep Malik Monk doing THIS:

Blazers 109 Mavs 115

In a game with actual playoff consequences the Blazer dropped one while trying to hang on to the #3 spot in the West and Dennis Smith Jr. continues to show why the Dunk Contest was so dumb:

Warriors 111 Thunder 107

OKC lost but someone named Alex Abrines ruined Jordan Bell’s night:

Nets 95 Sixers 121

Okay I’ll admit the Philadelphia 76ers are scary and if Ben Simmons ever learns to shoot….

Meanwhile in Milwaukee….

Celtics 102 Bucks 106

Look the Celts basically played this game with 1 point guard (who was starting his FIRST NBA game). At various times the power forward ran point, the Rookie small forward played point, no one played point etc etc. which is all to say the fact that Boston was even in this game let alone trying to win with a minute left is a damn miracle. This collective of guys play so hard every night it’s an honor an privilege to root them on.

Also 🗣Jayson Tatum!!!

He’s so cool he doesn’t even shoot the arrow, he just lets it drop.

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