Masters of Style

‘sup Its ur Boy Benny…

It’s one day before the opening round of the Masters. Par 3 tourney in full swing. But we know that you don’t just come to HTTA for scores and stats. You can read your USA Today for that. You come to HTTA for coverage. So the Fairway Fellas of HTTA aren’t just going to tell you who went low at Augusta National, we are going to tell you who went low, with style.

See the Masters is basically like New York Fashion week but for Golf. So let’s get rolling and ask the important question: “Who are you wearing?”

Don’t know if you have heard this but Augusta National is kind of known for its flowers. Verrrrrry strong floral game. Lots of people playing off that theme this year. But have to start off with these blazin’ hot kicks courtesy of Bubba and G/FORE:


But sorry folks you won’t be picking up your own pair as those are one of a kind hand painted Azaleas.

Nike Athletes will also be rockin’ the Azalea theme. Although in a more understated Nike way. Here’s a look at Rory in one of the practice rounds:

Before we get off of shoes gotta show you Phil’s practice round kicks (also from G/FORE). They are sooooo Phil that I gotta give you the tri-view that is going to make Le Cap puke:

Now you’ll note that almost all of this flair is for the practice rounds due to the strict ground rules in place for the Masters. But here’s one more from Bubba that you will be seeing during regulation play. Peep these shoe/glove combos (G/FORE… again…🚨🚨🚨)

But Benny, enough with the shoes, get to the shirts and pants or as those in the know call them “apparel scripts”.

The Defending Champ, dressed by Addidas Golf, really embracing that Green Jacket Style:

In Benny’s Opinion, the “current greatest living golfer” Justin Thomas, dressed by Polo Ralph Lauren. Mostly including this one because the artist renderings are classy fashion stuff. Although the yellow pants are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Here’s a look at the Nike offerings.

Again a little boring but at least they have a theme from

Nike team colors inspired by the elements that can be seen over the stretch of the four-day tournament. On Thursday, Nike athletes will wear dark cloud-themed color polos before transitioning to lighter colors on Friday to signify the calm before the storm. Saturday sees Team Nike in a variety of blues to represent blue skies. Finally, on Sunday, they will don pink to match Augusta’s famous magnolia flowers.”

Its assumed that Tiger however will wear Red on Sunday.

Rickie Fowler, The Style Gawd, all growns up, by Puma (but you already knew that):

One last fun one that is really getting into the Augusta National Spirit, Kiradech Aphibarnrat by Fenix XCell:

Really digging the Masters 2 look. Kind of a Hawaiian shirt vibe going.

And speaking of shirts with buttons, can’t ignore the big Fashion news out of Augusta this week. During one of his practice rounds Phil wore this:

yup, that’s a button down golf shirt. Best line I saw on this, was “Phil went right to work at KPMG after he finished his round.”

Since we saw so much style in this blog, we can’t leave on this atrocity. So instead here is a shot of Benny’s #1 Golf Style Icon:

RIP Payne. Gone to soon.

Now let’s tee it up boys and make sure to follow HTTAall Masters long.

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