Augusta National Goes Above and Beyond Once Again

Augusta National, the club that hosts the Masters has decided to create a Women’s Tournament.

A few interesting tidbits:

This is strictly an Amateur tournament. None of those pesky Professionals will be allowed to compete. Quibble if you must but Augusta is going out of their way here to create a tournament for Women…well probably more like teenage girls cuz really how many adult amateur female golfers are there that could possibly qualify for this…but nonetheless they do not have to do this and if they prefer amateur teens well that’s their choice right? Everybody has their preferences and the decision makers at Augusta like what they like – Amateur Teen Girls.

The Tournament will be three rounds and the final round after the cut will be held at Augusta National. The first two rounds will be held elsewhere. Now once again you may say “Hey now if you are creating a Tournament called Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship shouldn’t the whole thing be at Augusta National?” Well that’s where you’re wrong buddy. Augusta already did their good deed once. They let women into the club. They didn’t have to do that. They did it because it was the right thing to do and no other reason at all. And hey women have always been allowed to come and watch the Men play and also double hey 15% of the rounds played on the course even before women were invited to join were played by women and you know 15 is more than 0 so…yeah one round for 30 Amateur teen girls is more than enough thank you very much.

So let’s all extend a round of applause (and only applause, no yelling allowed) as once again Augusta National leads the way.

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