Augusta Bans “Dilly Dilly”

Augusta National….WE SALUTE YOU!



Part of our 18 Day Masters Preview

If you haven’t heard, Augusta National has circulated a list of phrases that are “banned” during the Masters, and anyone found uttering any of the phrases will get the boot. The one phrase that has been leaked off the list, is “DILLY, DILLY”.


Masters tweet


I cannot tell you how much I support this. Not because I don’t like fun, Lil’ Dogg. It’s because I hate unfunny and unoriginal shit. Yelling phrases at Golf Tournaments is both.

“Get in the hole”, “Baba Booey” even “Hit em with the Hein” …none of them are funny. Take ’em out behind the caddyshack and beat ’em to death with a shovel.

And saying “DILLY DILLY”  anywhere, is the worst of all. It was stupid the first time the commercial aired. I said it right away, so now I’ve had to deal with my meathead friends including it endlessly on text chains for the past 4 months. GODDAMN…I’m getting aggravated just thinking about it.

So the last thing I want, as I sit down with my Arnold Palmer- or more than likely a John Daly- is to hear some unoriginal bastard screaming “DILLY DILLY” every time I watch Tiger bombing one down the fairways.

*Quick PSA: If you ever say DILLY DILLY…stop now. It’s not funny. It’s even beyond being ironically funny. Just stop it. It not only isn’t funny, it basically tarnishes the next 15-20 funny things you do say. It’s the comedy version of crying wolf.


So thank you, tight- ass bastards at Augusta. Thank you a thousand times!!!! Damn I wish I had a catch phrase to end this with…..



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