Hi-Top NCAA Bracket Challenge Champ

The First Ever Hi-Top Contest is in the books.

This year’s NCAA Tournament was complete madness and it showed as everyone had plenty of red marks criss-crossing their Brackets.

Here’s the winner winner chicken dinner:

And the final results:

Congrats to Big Dog Mike Z. who correctly predicted not only Champs Villanova but was the only contestant to have a Mich-Nova Final Game.

Big Ups to Jorge who was near the top of the leader board the entire tournament.

In the internal Hi-Top HQ war, Le Cap showed just why he’s the Capitaine of this buccaneer vessel putting in a strong showing to take the bronze.

Congrats again to Mike. Let us know whether you want a T-shirt of your choice or a Roast Beef lunch with Le Cap. Tough decision indeed.

One comment

  1. I am going to dip into the significant La Cap reserves and award Mike a Super Beef- Small fry- can of soda meal at Billy’s! So, Dogg, get this man his shirt!


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