Hi-Top Masters Pool: Join and Forward On

First off, congrats to Michael Zimmerman for winning the Hi-Top Bracket challenge! Your prize package awaits!

Now, as we’ve been telling you for the past week and a half, the MASTERS is here.

What we’re looking for is you to sign up for our Masters’ Pool.

We’ve partnered up with the friendly folks at 4Majors.com and we’re hosting a pick’em, fantasy style contest.

So follow the link,

  1. Sign up- all you need is an email address- and then join our league:
  2. You’ll want to chose “Minileagues”


LEAGUE:  Hi-Top Golf



Now just pick your 5 golfers…it will take you like 5 minutes tops. No salary caps…no tiers…just PICK anyone you want.


Forward this out to as many as possible- everyone is welcome.


The Winner will receive a prize package that shall be revealed Before the first foursome tees off Thursday! The more entries, the bigger the PRIZE!!!!!


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