Guess That Ear

Well Philadelphia is certainly having itself a year. Congrats to Villanova on another National Championship. They were undoubtedly the best team in the tournament and their star last night was…

The Italian Jordan – Donte DiVencenzo

Unfortunately because we live in 2018 and the World has to make every great thing Immediately terrible, within moments of winning the MVP of the title game and scoring a record 31 points DiVencenzo’s Twitter account was promptly exposed as containing many problematic Tweets he had written as a young teen. Tweets going back to 2011 when DiVencenzo was 13 were unearthed and well….it was not a good look. We run a clean ship here at Hi-Top so I won’t post any of the Tweets here but trust that they were basically the work of a 13 trying way to hard to seem cool.

This is obviously an issue that younger generations are going to have to learn to deal with but it’s especially a problem for athletes who go from pretty anonymous to mega celebrity over the course of one night. Why major colleges don’t tell every in coming Freshman to delete every Social Media account before stepping on Campus and starting fresh is beyond me and that will certainly become a mandatory orientation activity as more incidents like this happen.

Donte had himself a night he’ll never forget. And so did the Internet.

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