Today in “Yes This is a Real Thing” News…

“Is this real life or just a fantasy…”

It turns out ol’ Freddie wasn’t singing about his conflicting sexual desires while harmonizing in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody but rather the future of Sport.

Cuz not only will there be a Professional Video Game Basketball League coming soon to a virtual arena near you but the actual real life Commissioner of the flesh and blood Professional Basketball League, Adam Silver, will be announcing the draft picks (yes there is a real life draft for a fake life Basketball League – layers upon layers upon layers folks):

Say what you will about the merits of “eSports” but there is no denying the impact of sport video games on the real life Sport World. You’ll have to check with Darren Rovell for the official numbers but it’s safe to bet that more kids are playing NBA2K and FIFA then actually you know going outside and shooting hoops or kicking a ball. This is how “millennials” consume Sport. Jeez something like 2 million people watched cornball Drake play video games live over the Internet a couple of weeks ago.

This stuff is here to stay so either get on board or do like the Lil’ Dogg and stick some pillows over your ears and sing “la la la I can’t hear you” every time someone says the word “Fortnite”.

P.S. Wake me up when there’s a professional NHL 94 League

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