Orioles and Twins arguing over “unwritten rules” is soooo Baseball

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but America’s Pasttime is guided by “unwritten rules” that everyone is supposed to be aware of and obey at all times.

Unfortunately during a Minnesota-Baltimore game one of these “rules” was tragically broken when an Oriole player bunted for a base hit while the Twins employed a shift.

Also Minnesota was up 7-0 at the time.

The Twins are mad as heck that Baltimore continued trying to win even though they were down 7 runs. How dare they keep competing!!!!!!

In response an anonymous Oriole had this to say:

Much-ado about nothing you say.

Well the Lil’ Dogg always goes above and beyond so the esteemed Hi-Top Base Ball Expert, the one and only HBT Opinion Giver was pulled away from his intense Base Ball research deep in the Montana hills to offer up the following analysis:

Hi-Top Nation! It is I, HBT Opinion Giver and alas my heart is heavy, my soul is sick, my tears have run dry as there is nothing, NOTHING, worse than when my beloved Base Ball has a crisis of consciousness and tragically we find ourselves in the midst of one today.

Tradition my friends is a fickle mistress. She props you up, gives you life but just as easily she can tear you limb from limb.

A shift. A bunt. A seven run lead.

Ah the shift. It’s as beautiful today as it was when Connie Mack invented it in 1908 on a soggy July day in a vain attempt to keep ol’ Barn Door Wilhelm of the St. Louis Browns off the base paths. Glorious when it worked. Fool-hearty when it did not.

And the bunt. A well executed bunt is a thing of beauty akin to a Botticelli fresco viewed on warm summers eve in the Italian countryside. Pure bliss.

But who is right and who is wrong, you implore.

Neither. I say.

But both as well.

You see in Base Ball, while the rules may be unwritten, it is the decisions that are beyond reproach. Each man is but a chess piece moving around the board that is our beloved Dirt Diamond. While one man’s mistake becomes Merkle’s Boner for all of eternity, another man’s timely choice begats an Eddie Gaedel walk.

For each unto his own.

– HBT Opinion Giver

And so there you have it folks. Let’s play ball!

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