Weekend Winner

Hi-Topper Nation! We made it to April and snow is in the air. Yay Spring!

Lots of Sport took place over the Holiday Weekend but there can and will be only one Winner….

Arike Ogunbowale has herself one heck of a Final Four nailing game winning shots in both of Notre Dame’s victories en route to the Championship.

Compared to the Men’s Final Four (cuz this is a Sport Blog so we are obligated to both mention men whenever we talk about female athletes and also make absurd comparisons, sorry it’s clearly stated in the blog by-laws when you create a website, nothing we can do but comply) the Women’s Final Four stole all the shine. The Men’s games were foregone conclusions while the Women supplied endless drama.

UConn once again ended a perfect season by being not so perfect in the Semifinals. Maybe that whole blow-everyone-out-all-year-long-then-lose-your-first-close-game philosophy is not so good huh Geno???

Notre Dame put on quite the show all weekend and were deserved Winners.

Score 1 for Women everywhere. Sport Media kinda sorta paid attention to Women so obviously all the problems of gender bias have been solved.

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