Dino Radja to the Hall of Fame? Hell Yes

The man the myth the legend of mid 90s Boston Celtic Basketball is getting a well deserved call to the Hall.

Just watch Dino TAKE IT to Hakeem and the World Champion Houston Rockets in 94:

Make no mistake about it Dino is an absolute legend in terms of European Hoops. Just peep the credentials:

2 Olympic Medals, 2 time Euro League Champ, named member of the FIBA 50 Greatest Team and 50 Greatest EuroLeague plus Championships in about 25 different countries throughout Europe.

Yes Dino only stuck around in the NBA for a few years but don’t forget he was All-Rookie 2nd Team and averaged 16.7 points and 8.4 rebounds a game. In 95/96 he average 20 and 10 for the year.

Despite all the off court cigarette break jokes, Dino’s on court game was no joke indeed.

He was 27 by the time he came to the NBA so just imagine if he came as a 20 year old and had a 15 year career.

Congrats to Dino. This is well deserved and don’t let anyone say otherwise.

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