Bracket Update: Final Four Edition


Hi-Top Table Athletics Bracket Challenge


bracket final 4 top 10


First thing’s first…only the top 4 have a chance at this thing.

Jorge is in first, and has Villanova as his champion. The only way he wins, though, is if Loyola beats Michigan, and Nova ends up winning the title.

Dan is a long shot here, though he’s in second. His Champ, Xavier, is long gone. He does have Kansas in the finals though, so I haven’t run all the statistical models yet, but I think if it’s Loyola-Kansas, Dan may take it.

I think that I, Le Cap, am blocked out here. I have Villanova v Arizona in the finals. If it ends up Loyola-Nova, Jorge should win…and if it ends up Michigan-Nova….

Hi-Top Superfan, Michael Zimmerman will take the top prize. He is the only one with Nova-Michigan, and even though in 4th, stands the best chance to win.

Good luck to all!

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