The Freeze is Back!!!!! In Praise of Ball Park Oddities

Trigger Warning: This post contains exuberant emotions and joy. It is a celebration of FUN THINGS. People who dislike FUN should not read.

Major League Baseball celebrated their Opening Day yesterday and a lot of pretty great stuff happened like Shohei Ohtani getting a hit in his first MLB at-bat and well yes Stanton going yard twice was good for some people. There were a bunch of late game comebacks, a dude smacked 3 ding dongs, the whole entire season started with a homer on the first pitch to the Cubs and despite the Red Sox epic collapse they still produced an Inside-the-Park homerun which is the most exciting play in Baseball:

So basically Opening Day was a raging success.

But one superhero topped them all.

The Freeze is back!

The Lil’ Dogg is getting out in front of this one and declaring The Freeze to be 💯 Hi-Top Approved.

Certain members of Hi-Top HQ who shall go nameless have declared on several occasions that they dislike most things that the average sports fan would consider “harmless fun”. There’s no doubt that Le C…I mean certain people…probably, most definitely harbor ill feelings toward The Freeze.

The Freeze is silly yes but The Freeze is also a pretty damn cool way to show just how much of a difference there is between the average slob on his couch and an actual honest to goodness Athlete (and just a former college runner at that).

The Freeze went big time last season and there was a bit…ok a lot of media overkill because of course there would be but personally this pup is glad the Braves brought The Freeze back. I want The Freeze to end up like the San Diego Chicken or the Philly Phanatic.

Now of course nobody is ever going to reach the heights of Max Parkin again:

But Baseball needs these stupid things. It’s part of what makes baseball games great. Going to a baseball game is only like 10% about the actual on-field play. It’s everything else that makes going to the ball park such a part of American Life.

The Freeze is just the latest in a long long tradition of ball park oddities and that’s pretty great.

Hey if The Freeze can get an endorsement from this guy than he’s got the Lil’ Dogg’s love for sure:

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