Le Cap’s MLB Predictions: Divisions and Awards


in addition to my Bold Predictions from yesterday

Division and Playoff Picks:

AL East:  Red Sox (95 Wins)

AL Central: Indians (93)

AL West: Astros (116)

Wild Cards: Yankees (93); Angels and Twins (play-off) (88 wins)

WC Play-in: Yankees over Angels

WC Round: Astros over Yankees; Red Sox over Indians

ALCS:  Astros over Sox


NL East:  Nationals (93)

NL Central: Cubs (94)

NL West:  Dodgers (92)

Wild Cards: Diamondbacks (88), Giants (85)

WC Play-in: Giants over D-backs

WC Round: Cubs over Giants, Nats over Dodgers

NLCS:  Nats over Dodgers


WORLD SERIES:  Astros over Nationals




AL MVP:  Carlos Correa–  Trout should win it every year, but there will be a narrative for Correa, because they’ll win 116 games

AL Cy:  James Paxton- gun to my head, I pick Sale…but planting my flag here

AL Rookie of Year:  Ohtanibut MAN I hope it’s Vladdy Jr. Ohtani is going to be a disappointment to those expecting a legit two way player, as I’ve written about before, but he’s going to be good enough on the mound to win ROY. 



NL MVP:  Bryce Harper- Fun Fact: Bryce Harper is 6 months YOUNGER than Aaron Judge. This guy hasn’t even hit his prime yet, and already has a 10 WAR season (26 Career) and had an OPS of 1.008 last year. Also, is his contract up soon???

NL Cy:  Noah Syndergaard- This is one I go back and forth on. I am torn between Strasburg and Syndergaard. They are both absolute studs, but both have to prove they can stay on the bump for 190+ innings. 

NL Rookie of the Year:  Ronald Acuna-  I have a natural tendency to go against the overwhelming popular opinion, but this is a lock stock, slam dunk, unanimous choice. It won’t be long before he’s getting top 5 MVP votes. 





Aroldis Chapman will not lead the Yankees in saves

The Phillies and White Sox will be over .500

Stephen Strasburg leads MLB with 19 Wins, and there will be less than 7 SP’s who reach 200+ Innings.



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