Someone Tried to Kill Corey Feldman (Maybe) (actually Probably Not)

Former Teen Star, former member of The Coreys, former human Corey Feldman claims that he was the victim of an attempted murder:

Wow Corey that’s quite the scary ordeal. It’s great that you are okay enough to tweet out a hospital bed photo.

“The Wolfpack” you say:

Well now this is getting interesting. Rumors of Scott Hall’s tragic downward spiral have been swirling for years but attacking Corey Feldman!!?!?!?!? Even for the New World Order this seems like a strange choice.

Oh good. Don’t worry if you didn’t have time to research the attack yourself, Corey has you covered.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up. By Corey. No red flags there. Who doesn’t have a Go Fund Me ready just in case you need extra security cuz The Wolfpack is after you?

Plot Twist!!!!!!!

So there’s no actual stab wound or any indication that Corey Feldman was attacked at all.

Makes perfect sense.

The Wolfpack Wins Again!

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