The 1000 Joys of Watching LeBron Get Stuffed

The Miami Heat and D-Wade put the smack down on Bron Brown’s Cavs last night and ol’ #3 had himself a Block Party:

Thank the Lord Almighty for whoever the nerd was that invented the GIF cuz being able to watch an endless loop of LeBron getting swatted is just pure unfiltered schadenfreude.

The truth is even if Wade didn’t get him, Olynyk would have and really LeBron, if you ask yourself who would you rather get made a fool by – goofy-ass Kelly Olynyk or your Best Bud????? All things considered this went as well as a disrespectful block could go.

And of course Bronny’s immediate reaction is to look for the refs:

How could there possibly be a legitimate block on the King????? No!!!!!! No!!!!!!! It’s just not right!!!!!!!!!


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