BOLD Predictions on Baseball Eve

We are fired up for baseball…especially me. It’s my favorite sport. And even if it’s not yours, it’s the best sport for arguing and debating because everything is broken down by stats. There are stats for everything, and over 162 Games, they are actually meaningful.

Now, I’m going to take 97 words to explain Le Cap’s stance on stats in baseball:

When it comes to individual players, I’m a HUGE stat guy. Team Wins means next to nothing to me for an individual player. Gimme the stats. Things like BA and ERA are meh…lot of luck involved…I want indicators. Pitching Wins are close to useless and Saves are the single worst and most meaningless statistic in all of sport and should be immediately outlawed.

When it comes to assessing teams…yeah, it needs to play out in wins. Stats have predictive value, but you don’t get a trophy for the best Pythagorean Record. Win. The. Games.


magic 8 ball


So with that in mind, I’ve crunched all the numbers, read all the analysis and came up with some BOLD predictions for the 2018 Baseball Season. Argue if you must, but I’m right.


  • Aaron Judge, at best, will finish 3rd in Home Runs….on the YANKEES. Stanton and Sanchez will top him, and he will hit < 38.
  • The Astros will break the single-season wins record of 116
  • Xander Bogaerts hits .300 with 20 HR’s
  • JD Martinez tops all Yankees in SLG %
  • Nolan Arenado will win NL Triple Crown
  • There will be a 50+ HR hitter in the AL…and it will either be Joey Gallo or Khris Davis
  • Ronald Acuna goes 20-20
  • Andrew Benintendi goes 25-25
  • Mike Trout hits .300-110-40-100-30…and doesn’t win MVP
  • Bryce Harper has his best season ever…and ends up with a $400M contract
  • James Paxton (AL) and Robbie Ray (NL) finish top 3 in Cy Young voting
  • Ray leads NL in K’s
  • Trea Turner will steal 60 bases, more than Billy Hamilton


That’s what I got for now…tomorrow I’ll have Playoff and Award predictions, and there could be some BOLDness there too. Maybe not. Whatever. #baseballcontent

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