Guess That Ear

Happy Tuesday Hi-Topper Nation. What is good in the Hi-Top hood? The Celtics May have won their fourth straight but the man with this nice lobe…

….just scored his first baskets of 2018. That’s right your Tuesday Morning GTE is…

Markelle Fultz

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Nuggets last night and the 2017 #1 overall draft pick actually played in the game scoring 10 whole points. Here is the enigma shooting and making a real live jump shot. Behold:

It was not all Wine & Roses for Markelle as his first jumper attempt was fugly:

Jokes aside it’s great to see this kid back on the court. Whatever was the issue has hopefully been if not resolved then at least brought to a point we’re it can be managed and the kid can go out and play. The Celtics already won last year’s draft trade so there’s no longer any need to dance on Fultz’s misery.

Here’s to hoping the kid thrives (just not against Boston). Good on ya Markelle for battling your way back on to the court.

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