Hi-Topper Top 5 – Coolest Batting Stances

Major League Baseball is back (starting Thursday) and since the sport of baseball is 90% inactivity you really need to appreciate the little things to get the most out of America’s Pastime like judging which Ball Park serves the best hotdogs and marveling at the majesty of a great Bullpen Cart.

Which leads us to our latest and greatest Hi-Topper Top 5 – Coolest Batting Stances:

5. Phil Plantier

It might be a bit of a shock to see Plantier come in at 5 but this stance is actually hurt by overhype. It’s the go to “crazy batting stance” that everybody remembers. Granted it is a legit crazy-ass batting stance. What is the thinking here? Let’s get yourself super uncomfortable right before you try to make contact with a 95 mph fastball….yeah that’s sounds like a good plan. Basically this batting stance is the only thing anyone remembers about Plantier’s career so it gets him in the list but also keeps him from moving beyond #5. Hey Phil, better to have a legacy than no legacy at all, right.

4. George Brett

A Lil’ Dogg personal fave right here. The George Brett was the go-to Lefty stance when you tried to switch hit in wiffleball. Just effortless cool up at the plate. The way Brett leaned back on his left foot was just top notch:

3. Julio Franco

Another controversial placement as Franco grabs the 3 spot. A lot debate at Hi-Top HQ on this one. For this pup’s money it’s just another case of too much hype. The bat over the head is a great look but Franco is just a slight tad too over exaggerated.

2. Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gone had two things going for him – the over head bat followed by the super high leg kick:

This deadly combination powered many a mid 90s home run.

1. Eric Davis

The only thing better than a bat way up high is a bat way down low. Davis slung his wood low like a punk guitarist and the effect was effortless cool. Davis was just daring pitchers to throw some high heat while his hands were down by his knees and his bat rocked back and forth. This 1990 World Series Smash gets the Lil’ Doggs vote for most Punk Rock Home Run of All-Time:

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and Eric Davis is cooler than your favorite ball player will ever hope to be.

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