The Boston Bruins have been getting a ton of credit for their new ad…if u haven’t seen it, here it is:

I, for one, think this ad is DISGUSTING!

Sure, it’s a slick looking, motivational ad. Sure, it’s highlighting the contributions of the new blood, who really have stepped up and carried this well beyond expectations, and into a likely #2 seed.

My problem is with the fact that they set this ad to the backdrop of 98.5’s Mike Felger….as if to give the radio host a giant FU. For what? For his brave take that the B’s season may be over, back in November.

This has management fingerprints all over it. All the way up to Jacobs? Was it Neely? It’s either a billionaire, or a former goon hockey player using their team as a platform to launch a personal attack against a guy who’s just trying to make a living.

The most sickening thing is Bruins’ fans are APPLAUDING THIS?!!?!?!?! So, we’re just rooting for Big Business now?

Check out some of the comments I saw on social media…these are from “Katey” (name changed to protect anonymity):

Katie TEAM


FOR SHAME, “Katey”….for shame.

And I can’t even begin to describe the on-air hate the host had to deal with….VILE.

Let me make sure I’ve got this straight. Felger- a guy who works his ASS off, btw, and deserves his Nantucket trips- tries to simply call it like he sees it…and these freakin’ bullies attack him? It’s not enough that he actually took back this take, and admitted he was wrong like a month later?!?! They still need to go after him like this?


Sounds like the B’s front office may be as soft as Tori Krug in his own end. And the fans are apparently the same.

Is this the Boston that people love to brag has “the toughest media”, and “most knowledgeable fans” who will “hold the teams’ feet to the fire”?

I guess this is the new Boston. All anyone wants is a bunch of Paul Perillo’s and Abby Chin’s, running around like fanboys (and girls) whooping it up for the team…is that what this is? If anyone says anything bad about a team…we just attack them? This is what we’re doing now?


Tommy points

At the time, the Bruins were playing like shit, had lost a ton of games, including one to an expansion team (who obviously sucks), and the goalie was all 6’s and 7’s….it was a disaster. ANY rational and objective observer would conclude that the season, although about 10% complete, was OVAH!!! Felger was just the one with the stones to say it.

And don’t anyone give me the: “Felger is always so negative! He deserves it!”.

This is the guy who back in 2001, when Drew Bledsoe was reported to have a collapsed lung, famously asked “Is a possible for a lung to be collapsed, and then NOT collapsed, and then, collapsed again”…..he was looking for any silver lining on a situation that seemed dire at the time. Does a negative guy do that?!?! HUH? DOES HE?????

Mike Felger is a husband, a father, a humble nice-as-pie Midwesterner, and someone who always puts his listeners first. Someone that genuine, just can’t help but speak from the heart sometimes, and say what he really feels. I think we should be celebrating and applauding that, and NOT the self-labeled BIG BAD BRUINS, who apparently love beating up on the little guy.

Big Bad Bruins
The Bruins are worth an estimated 750 Million dollars…I for one would like to see them using their considerable wealth and influence for GOOD. Not to rub the faces of hardworking, boot-strap guys in the team’s success.

I know, Bruins…when you’ve made so many great decisions in recent years, it’s hard to comprehend that some people make mistakes. Some of us are our here grinding, day to day, like Mike Felger. Try to remember, we’re all doing out best.

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