Duke Gonna Dooook – Sweet 16 Day 2 Recap

T’s & P’s to all the Orange men out there (no don’t get it twisted, not Orangemen, just men who support the Orange) as the Dookies took down Cuse in the marquee game of the night.

It was a battle of 2-3 Zones – does it get more exciting than that folks? Marvin Bagley III was the difference maker and if he continues his dominance all the way to a Title he just may play his way to the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. Not bad for a kid that was supposed to be playing his Senior Year in High School right now. Yeah the Cuse just got bodied by a dude who should be worrying about planning his prom-posal and who makes the cut in his Limo group.

Not too much drama in the rest of the slate unless you own a Sportbook in Vegas with Clemson +5 v Kansas causing some nail biting.

Elite Eight Matchups Set

The Fighting Sister Jeans vs Kansas (everyone in America is rooting against you) State

The Battle of Mid 90s Football Powerhouses – FSU vs Michigan

Texas Tech v Nova

The Heritage Game – Duke v Kansas

Based on the Tourney so far it should be a wild two days so strap yourself into your couch and get that mini fridge stocked.

Lil Dogg’s Final Four Prediction – Loyola Michigan Nova and Duke

Let’s Roll Sister Jean!!!!!!!!!!

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