Point-Counter Point – Sister Jean Rules – Sweet 16 Day 1 ReCap

Sorry Le Cap but the Lil’ Dogg just can’t get enough Sister Jean. Pre and post game interviews are just not enough. Give this pup more Sister Jean. ISO Cams on Sister Jean all game long. Heart rate monitors during tense moments. Annotated breakdowns of her pre game prayer. What Book of the Bible is she reading from? Who’s her favorite Apostle? Is she a Mary Magdalene truther or what?

MORE SISTER JEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the Ramblers are basketball heroin:

There’s four hundred passes in that sequence, two dozen ball fakes, 16 dribble drive kick outs and one perfect jump shot.

Clayton Custer is basically Jimmy Chitwood gone to college:

There’s was like a fifteen minute stretch when Nevada couldn’t score and Loyola was basically doing Mikan drills under the hoop every possession.

And the game winner is a dagger three just as cool as can be:

Ramble On, Ramblers. Ramble On:

Oh yeah Michigan, K State, and FSU also won.

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