Dude Plays 1500 MILE Golf Hole For Charity. Why?

Golf is a great sport because it’s relatable. It’s played almost everywhere in the world, by people of all ages. You don’t even need to be any good to play it- just wait ’til June and our Facebook Live coverage of the Mitch Cumstein Invitational for confirmation on this.

It’s also, arguably, the most charitable sport on the planet. Ties to charities are a longtime hall mark of the Tour, and the pros themselves.

Locally, from May-October, you can’t go a week without seeing a Charity Golf Tournament-  trust me I sold Real Estate for 3 years…realtors get invited to ALL of the tourneys-  most of which raise an incredible amount of money for a ton of causes.

Which brings us to our next blog in our 18 Day Masters Preview , about a guy who played the “longest golf hole ever played” for charity.

If you’re not familiar, here is a link to the story.

1500 Mile golf hole

Basically, Adam Rolston of Northern Ireland, played a “golf hole” over 1500 Miles in Mongolia, which took him 80 days, and over 20,000 strokes to complete. My immediate question is “Why?”.

Let’s gets some answers….like only HTTA can, shall we:


The par 14,000 is an incredible feat that Adam Rolston completed in September –

Par 14,000? How do you arrive at that? Why are you even trying to figure out par?



with the help of his friend and caddie Ron Rutland –

He had a caddie? How does that conversation go? “Sorry, Ron, you’re just not a good enough golfer to play a make believe golf hole for 80 days, but tell you what…I’ll let you walk with me and carry all my shit”



to raise money for children’s sports charity Laureus.

I applaud anyone raising money for charity, I do. But, what is Laureus? According to their site:

Laureus is a global movement that celebrates the power of sport to bring people together as a force for good. 

Huh? Sounds an awful lot like another charity I’ve heard of….

human fund


It took Mr Rolston, from Northern Ireland, and Mr Rutland 80 days and 20,093 shots – 6,093 over par – to make their way, unaided, across one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet.

I’m sick of caddies getting credit. Even pro caddies are essentially worthless, so forget Ron here. I’ve done the job before. Winchester Country Club, early ’90s…Dr. So-and-So never threw me 10% when he won his $100 Nassau, or thanked me while he was sipping manhattans back in the clubhouse.

It’s like when I ask my usual cart partner Kuch “What do you think, take the full 8 because it’s uphill”…I already know that’s what I am doing. Ultimately I’m just looking for him to agree with me. I do value his opinion, but he’s not changing my mind.

So, let’s not patronize “Mr. Rutland” here, by pretending he had any actual role in this.


As well as losing plenty of balls, dealing with unpredictable weather and the challenge of looking for food and water

Losing Balls…understood. Weather…makes sense. Looking for food and water?! Wait, what?

You’re heading out to walk for 1500 Miles. Presumably you know the general route you’re taking…whether there is shelter, any stores, restaurants, etc. How could you possibly be left without food and water? Either these guys are complete idiots, or, perhaps, (GASP) purposely making this challenge seem more challenging??? 

I know, I know…how dare I?


He almost met a grisly fate when his 120kg golf cart got stuck in a swamp and nearly fell on him.  I got stuck around knee deep,’ adding that his friend came to his rescue.

‘The heavy cart dropped down and almost chopped Ron’s foot off.’

Hold the phone….GOLF CART?!?! They had a freakin’ Golf Cart?

There are old timers in Boca who play golf everyday, and easily put 500 miles a month on their golf carts, tooling around the gated community. And they aren’t going 6K strokes over par, MR RUTLAND.  Tell me again, why is this special.

Oh, and of course, things just get worse for Ron, the caddie. I take back my earlier comment that Ron doesn’t deserve credit…he might deserve all the credit.


Despite the hurdles, he managed to roll in the final seven-foot putt on the 18th green of the Mt Bogd Gold Club.

Got to be honest…after the golf cart revelation, I would’ve given even odds that this whole thing ended with a questionable gimme putt. So, I’m happy to see that Mr. Rutland knocked down a legit putt to end this thing.



We at HTTA are big supporters of anything charitable. So, all kidding aside, kudos to these guys for going out and doing something. Everyone should.

But we’re also fans of common sense. So when we embark on a charitable endeavor (hint, hint) you can be sure it won’t be as ridiculous as this.

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