Rooting Against Sister Jean. Because I have to.


I might be going rogue here…not sure how the Dogg and the boys feels about it. But….



Sister Jean is the 98 year old team Chaplain for the Loyola-Chicago basketball team, which pulled off two upsets to make it to the Sweet 16. Now she has become the teams’ symbol and mascot, as well as a national “star”, appearing, well, everywhere from Memes to Good Morning America.

There was also a NYT article “A Day in the Life of Sr Jean”

Look, she seems like a sweet old lady…like really great. She seems kind, and smart…and I am not doubting she’s legit. I really want to like Sr Jean.  I actually DO like Sr Jean. This isn’t as much about her as it is about the phenomenon that made her into this star. She even said, she has no idea why this happened.


This is definitely my least favorite thing about sports…when little stuff like this becomes a Thing.

I hate fan favorites who can’t play; the entire Doug Mirabelli experience makes my blood boil to this day.

A small part of me was rooting against the ’13 Red Sox because of the Bullpen Cop.

I think we’ve covered the “Fist Pumps and Socks”

I want to vomit when Sweet Caroline comes on.

Geno….oh my god….Geno….blow my brains out.


All teams, all cities have these Things, and people glom on and ride it into the ground…then keep riding. It never seems to stop. The teams are often complicit (see: Sox, Red), and it creates these phenomena that, at their heart, are meaningless.

Maybe I’m just too negative about it. Maybe most people are just up for cutting loose and having some meaningless and stupid fun. Because who really cares?

Who friggin’ cares if the bullpen cop gets to ride on the duckboat? It made that guy’s life. And it’s not like he took my spot.

ALCS - Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox - Game Two


I’m also fully aware that I’m treading into the waters of hypocrisy… slogans like #TrustTheShamrock aren’t exactly the same thing, but it’s in the same zip code. And I want that to catch fire. But I’m in the business of admitting, and thusly excusing, my own hypocrisy.


I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. I’m too old, and waaay too dedicated to this take to give it up now. So, when the take fights back…you LEAN INTO IT. That is rule #32.

So, when a Sweet 98 year old Nun, representing a team of underdogs improbably fighting through to the Sweet 16….I get out there on that wall.

I don’t expect you to join me. I hope everyone enjoys Sister Jean and the Loyola Ramblers tonight, as they fight to advance. I’ll be the guy who’s lonely and rooting against them.

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