Pats Planning Offer to Johnny Football: HTTA Report



As you’re probably heard by now, former Quarterback/ Partyboy / Lil’ Dogg fave Johnny Manziel worked out at the U of San Diego pro day, in front of 12 or 13 NFL teams (depending on whose report you believe). One of those 12 teams, according to our West Coast source and confirmed by many in attendance, was your New England Patriots.

Word is that Johnny Football looked sharp in the workout, that all in all, it was a good day.

Manziel Workout

Let’s set aside the fact that 99.7% of Pro Workouts go well, this might be a thing.

This guy was an absolute STUD at A&M. He was an ELITE athlete. He didn’t fail in the NFL, as much as he didn’t have a chance: drafted by the Browns, and then partied himself out of the league in no time. Now, he claims to have straightened out his demons, is still only 25 years old, and claimed he would play for free just for a crack at getting back into the League.

Hmmmm….Elite athlete. Clutch player. Second chance. Value. Football is a priority. Sound like a familiar recipe to anyone????


Well, Hi-Top Table Athletics is reporting, according to our exclusive source-  who also was in San Diego today- that the Patriots are planning on making an offer to Manziel to become their primary backup QB. 

Manziel Feldman

The only holdup now is Bill Belichick wants to complete the process of assessing the QB’s on his draft board, but the belief is the team will be moving forward with the offer to Manziel. The offer would likely be a short-term deal, near the veteran minimum, or certainly not with a lot of guaranteed money.

I’m 100% ON BOARD with this. I was never a big fan, but this is a no risk opportunity.

It’s an absolutely perfect spot for Manziel. If you want to convince the world football is the most important thing to you, where better to go than “No Fun” New England?

It makes sense for the Pats too. What the hell? Why not give it a shot? He effs around…give him the boot. They brought in Tim Tebow who, while a good person, threw a football like it was a man hole cover. So why not JFF?

Johnny Football has a lot of doubters…and has a lot to prove to them.

He has not proven he can be a successful NFL QB. He hasn’t proven football is important to him. He hasn’t proven he can maintain his sobriety and his mental health. He has a lot to prove. New England has built a Dynasty on proving people wrong.





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