Happy Kyrie Knee Exam Day

Kyrie Irving has been “resting” his sore knee for a while now and it’s been rumored that today is judgment day. He’s getting a second opinion and basically there are two options:

1. Continue to play through the pain and soreness


2. Undergo surgery and be done for the year

The Lil Dogg supports Option 2 and here’s why:

This season has been crazy and currently the Celtics will be entering the playoffs without Gordo (obviously), Theis (done for year) and Smart (timetable unknown). This team has shown INCREDIBLE heart and determination and has been an absolute joy to watch and follow all year but their chances to win a Ring in 2018, even with a 100% healthy Kyrie, are very very very slim. Even if they fought their way out of the East, which is entirely possible, the Western Conference teams are unbeatable (barring catastrophic injuries). There’s no winning a title this year.

But next year, next year could be truly amazing. And if surgery now means a healthy Kyrie in the long term then you have to do it. The promise, the hope, the dream is Kyrie & Gordo at 💯. That’s what we all want to see.

This year, with all the trials and tribulations could end up being the pivotal year that sends this group on a real Championship run for YEARS. The growth in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown has been nothing short of spectacular. Kyrie is only 25.

These guys are YOUNG.

Please give them the best chance to win multiple titles. And unfortunately that means shutting down Kyrie now.

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