A Frame by Frame Analysis of the Greatest Buzzer Beater of All-Time

The All-Time greatest Buzzer Beater took place in a Brazilian League game recently. Watch in amazement:

Now the reason that right there was THE greatest Buzzer Beater of All-Time is because the degree of difficulty of this entire sequence is off the charts. It’s astronomically unlikely that ONE PERSON could pull this of yet this guy did.

Let’s take a frame by frame look at just how nutso this play is:

The free throw shooter knows exactly what he’s trying to do. He’s already leaning towards the far corner before the ball even hits the rim.

He’s five feet (or meters does Brazil use meters?) ahead of everyone else. But the crazy part is his teammate on the low block who’s pulling down the line like Orlando Pace. That’s a textbook pin down block you’re looking at.

The basketball is circled here to show that the dude has a defender on his back before he even gets to the ball. Kudos to the D man for making up ground here by the by but our Hero is about to do something extraordinary.

Superman then grabs the ball and puts up a fadeaway, falling out of bounds three from what looks like centimeters (sticking with the metric system folks) inside the line.

The angle on the shot is of course insane because this whole sequence is taking place inside the Matrix and this guy is actually Neo bending time and space.

Bang! Shot goes in. Team in white wins. Cue pandemonium.

Now the reason this play is the Greatest Buzzer Beater of All-Time is threefold:

A. This is a one man show. Laettner had Grant Hill to throw the pass. Tate George had…well actually that shot shouldn’t have counted but you get the idea. This Hero misses the free throw, grabs the rebound and drains the shot all himself.

B. Missing a Free Throw on Purpose is very very very hard. Just ask Kyrie Irving. Players attempt to miss Free Throws all the time. How often does it work? Never. This dude not only successfully missed the free throw without getting a violation (the number 1 problem guys have) but did it so that the ball went EXACTLY where he wanted it to go.

C. He drains an extremely difficult shot. If he had simply nailed a corner three to win a game while falling out of bounds with a defender all over him it would have been a Top 10 game winner. Now add in all the Free Throw business (which again NEVER WORKS) and you are witnessing the GREATEST BUZZER BEATER OF ALL-TIME.

Congrats! Take a bow. You sir are legend.

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