Play on (Gary) Player

This is part of our 18 Day Masters Preview


Part of our 18 Day Masters Preview

Jack Nicklaus has won 6 Masters, Arnie and Tiger 4 a piece.

Jack has 18 Majors, Tiger 14, and Walter Hagen (who’s entire winning span was before WWII) is next with 11.

Next on both of those lists, is the most successful foreign-born player of all time, and a personal favorite of Le Cap, Gary Player.

Player has 3 Masters and 9 Major wins, and is one of 5 with a career grand slam.

Player is a legend, but often seems over-looked due to the fact that his peak overlapped those of Palmer and Nicklaus. But if you include GP’s wins on the worldwide tours- he is arguably the most successful golfer all time. He even added on 19 Champions Tour Wins, just because,  among them SIX majors.

For the record…Player is above Arnie on my list. #3 Golfer of All Time.

Also for the record…Golf before Arnie doesn’t count.

He is also the only one of those three legends that ever hit a decent tee shot during the ceremony opening the Masters every year. He made those two old farts look terrible every year.

Player has been called the “most traveled athlete ever”, with an estimated 16 MILLION miles in the air. Clooney had an existential crisis and quit his job when he got to 10 Million in that movie with the chick from Pitch Perfect…legend has it Player, upon seeing that scene in the theater, screamed out “You Pussy” and threw a box of Junior Mints at the screen. A story like that, has to be true.

Another thing Player has long been known for is his workout. He has been noted to do 1,000 pushups and sit-ups everyday, and in 2013 he was even featured in ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue.

I’m sure you saw it, and didn’t just flip through quick to get a peak of that female drag racer’s butt (I’ll leave it to you to google that)….but in case you don’t remember:

Gary Player body issue


That’s a , 78 Year Old Man right there. Obviously, this guy takes working out seriously. I mean look at him. (Also, is he swinging two clubs there? Sure looks like it. Why? Why the hell not. He’s Gary bleepin’ Player)

That’s why I love the exchange from this weekend:


Player tweets

I love me some Johnny Miller….he’s a guy out there, saying whatever he wants, calling out everyone, stirring the pot. A real Le Cap guy.

But in this case, I got to give it to the Tru Player. Gary’s twitter game is as tight as his abs.


So, as part of our Masters Preview, I felt we needed to honor Gary Player. A guy who’s been kicking serious ass since his first Major win in 1959, and his first Masters in 1961.

Play on Player, Gary.



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