NBA Rewind – Tatum is a MAN

“I’m a MAN. I’m twenty.”

– Jayson Tatum

Thunder 99 Celtics 100

The Boston Celtics now officially own the OKC Thunder. Down by 5 with 16.8 seconds left the C’s improbably pulled off the comeback.

Mook Morris drained the winner:

But it was the MAN Jayson Tatum who led the way (and provided the game winning assist too). He did a little of this:

And a little of that:

And a whole lotta:

But what about defense you say. Ok got ya:

Tatum ended his night with 23 points 11 boards and 4 dimes.

This is the second time this season that the Celtics have pulled off an epic comeback against OKC. Back in November Kyrie led the C’s to victory after Boston fell behind by about a million points in the first half

This win however, with half the team banged up and out of the lineup, really proves what kind of heart this group of guys have. Never quit. Never give up. These Celtics have played through a tough tough tough season and wins like last night show just how special these guys are.

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