Report: HTTA Crushing It

The numbers for February are in…and it was a record breaking month for this crazy #BuccaneerVessel known as Hi-Top Table Athletics.

Our revenue is up for the third month in a row. After an Increase of nearly 100% in Jan, February saw an 1,173% INCREASE in revenue. Just sayin’. #Numbersdontlie #Factsisfacts . I’m not saying we have investors knocking down our door, but I’m not not saying that either.



We’re getting more unique visits every month, well into the thousands. We’re getting engagement across the board, Facebook, Twitter and now YouTube (Hi-Top TV). Lil’ Dogg is becoming a player in B-Ball circles. Readers are making requests. And we’re going to be launching Podcasts very soon!!!

The very fact that we are still doing this after 6 months is mind-blowing to me…got to say. Already outkicked our coverage. But since we set out to build this thing #Shinglebyshingle and it’s actually working, we’re going to double down and keep it going for the long haul.

That means, we’re going to be looking for people.

People to contribute. Writing, Audio, Video, Social Media…whatever you think you can do, or even if you don’t think you can…let us know. We’re open to everyone. One time or everyday (or be a workhorse like Lil’ Dogg)…bring it on. We have very few rules and even less editorial control.

People to Share. Not into contributing content…that’s cool. Do us a favor and share our page. On social media. At a cocktail party or office gathering. If you liked even one thing we did, share it with someone. Plus, the more people we can get just following our pages, the less you need to hear from me to sharing everything.

People to give feedback. Let us know what you think. Especially if you disagree. People seem to like to argue, and the stuff we’re doing isn’t exactly of national importance. So if you think Lil’ Dogg is wrong about Atari vs Tang or some other such nonsense he writes about…mix it up.

People to click. Bottom line is…we love the Hi-Toppers. We love the engagement. Research indicates that our average Views/Visitor are on the high end for this type of site, and we’re proud of it. But look, even if you’re not a hard core Hi-Topper…once in a while, just give us a click. Just the click. It’s all we need. You read it, super. You don’t…oh well.

Don’t forget we have MERCH. I got my Caddyshack and my TrustTheShamrock tees…so get yours!

We’re going to be doing some online contests, so also stay tuned for that.

AND…we’re working on a couple of different fronts, to secure our first Hi-Top Sponsored events. Coming soon!!!





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