NBA Rewind – ‘Cans Can C’s

It t’was a rough St. Paddy’s Day Weekend for the Boys in Green down in ol’ N’orleans:

Anthony Davis has been and continues to be a BEAST and T&P’s to whichever poor Western Conference team gets matchup against the ‘Cans in the First Round of the Playoffs. A motivated Rondo and a dominating Davis will be a mighty tough out. Rondo almost single handily eliminated the Celtics last year. The Dude is an enigma but when he wants to he can completely control a game.

With 12 games left in the Regular Season the Maine Red Class errrr Boston Celtics are quite literally limping into the Playoffs.

The good news, the Celtics pretty much have the #2 seed in the East wrapped up. Boston has 7 wins on the three teams (Cleveland, Indiana and Washington) fighting for places 3-5 so barring a complete collapse, home court for at least the first two rounds is in hand. And this could be yuuuuuuge.

If the playoffs started today (who doesn’t love that phrase) the C’s would be taking on the Milwaukee Bucks. To say the Bucks have had a strange season is an understatement. A team that was supposed to making The Leap this year instead fired their Head Coach and are just 5 games above .500. Giannis is still Giannis though. If and when The Greek Freak realizes he’s basically unstoppable well let’s just hope it doesn’t happen in a first round matchup with Boston. If there’s any team that could go from dominant at home to unraveling on the road in a tight series it’s the Bucks. A Game 7 at home could be the difference between moving on and disaster.

Injuries Injuries Injuries (and More Injuries)

The Bad – Mr Nice Guy Theis is done for the year. Marcus Smart is out indefinitely. Kyrie’s knee is acting up.

The Good – Jaylen should be fine and the added rest may reinvigorate him. The team is learning to rely on other scoring options besides Kyrie. Terry Rozier is LEGIT.


Terry Rozier is having a breakout season. The clear leader of the bench mob has asserted himself as a no doubt starter quality guard in Kyrie’s extended absence. Terry has scored double digits in something like 19 straight games now. He’s aggressive. He’s hitting shots all over the floor. He’s having a career year and has been nothing short of a revaluation.

12 Games Left



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