Gronk Will Be Back: Per Drunk Reporter, from his Bachelor Party

In all of the hoopla of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, you may have missed the HUGE news that broke. It’s understandable…but not to worry, Hi-Top has you covered.

I first need to credit the source on this blockbuster, and it’s none other than @JohnBreech , an “NFL Writer” with CBS Sports, and apparent Chuck Norris superfan.

Breech Profile


On Saturday afternoon, Breech set the sports world on fire with a few tweets. First, he breaks this:

Gronk Pic


You have to respect a reporter who is working while on his bachelor party, and his passion shines with his “I love my job” comment. I don’t think enough media members express themselves like this. You never read a “My job rocks” from Shaughnessy, or see get big fist pump from Jackie MacMullan at the end of a show segment.

John goes above and beyond with the “I love Gronk” comment. FAR too often, reporters are all caught up with objectivity, and journalistic integrity. It’s what’s wrong with the whole business. Writers and reporters are fans first!


Later in the day, things really heated up:

Gronk Retirement tweet

Ever the professional, Breech is breaking news while drinking at his bachelor party. And this is HUGE news.


Gronk was overheard telling an unnamed Pats fan that he is not retiring! 

Now, just overhearing this isn’t enough for Mr. Breech, and his reporting instincts took over. He needed to confirm what he heard, so he did what any pro would do in that situation- sent his dad over to Gronk to ask about it. His dad, after all, is the Bengals all-time leading scorer, lest you think he isn’t qualified.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Gronk was willing to confirm the statement to the media.

Well, our hero doesn’t let something like that stop him. He goes public with the whole thing. A statement overheard in a seemingly crowded bar, on St Patrick’s Day, by an admittedly drunk guy, at his bachelor party, who sent his dad over to verify it, and was never verified….that’s how you REPORT!!!

Did I mention it was his bachelor party?


We, at Hi-Top have been able to confirm some aspects of this story…it appears this weekend was in fact John’s Bachelor party, as he has made quite a point of talking about it:


Gronk- Bachelor party


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