How Cavalier – Day 2 Tourney Recap

Did anything exciting happen in the late games? The Lil’ Dogg likes to go to bed early…

Yes this was no fluke. No buzzer beater. This was a beat down. This pup would like to say told ya so on this one but nobody saw this coming. Though watching UMBC take down UVM in the America East Conference Tourney with a last second three (which by the transient property makes the Catamounts the second best team in the country now I think) the Retrievers certainly showed grit and determination. But beating the #1 overall by 20…hot damn!

The rest of the day went fairly true to form even if a few lower seeds did pull “upsets”. Marshall over Wichita was a popular 13 over 4 pick and not too surprising.

Dunk of the Day – Miles Bridge MSU

Pantomime Dunk of the Day – Bench Dude

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Saturday’s slate could very easily turn this entire tournament upside down (if it isn’t already).

There are no guarantees and you could easily see any or all of Duke, Nova and Kansas losing.




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