Big Baby Scarface

Glen Big Baby Davis is having himself a moment.

Reports surfaced that the former Boston Celtic World Champ had been arrested on some pretty heavy drug charges.

Big Baby then took to his Instagram to post an all-time response to the charges:

Should we have expected anything less from a man named Big Baby.

Popeyes ✔️

Briefcase full of cash ✔️

World Championship Ring ✔️

A lot of reports are suggesting the Big Baby was attempting to become some sort of Drug Kingpin but according to Google 126 grams is 4.45 ounces or 0.278 pounds. The Lil’ Dogg is no expert here but I do have some underworld connects and ummmm I hate to break it to ya but 4.45 ounces ain’t no drug cartel. And by the looks of it $92,000 seems to be walking around money for a former NBAer who made roughly $32 million dollars in his career.

So it looks like a case of the Big Baby just having a normal average Big Baby day that got unfortunately interrupted by the Maryland police.

Nothing to see here. Let the Baby have has weed and Popeyes. He earned it.

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