Weekend Retro Rewind 3/16/2018

Hey Hi-Toppers,

Welcome back to the Weekend Retro Rewind where each week I give out my recommendations for classic (and let’s be honest mostly not so classic)  movies, albums, and occasional television shows that you should check out over your weekend! Now without further ado…


Movie – Rocky IV


Creed 2 began filming today! This is important because Creed 2 will see Baby Creed square up against Baby Drago, which has the potential to be one of the most epic on screen beat downs of all time. With this in mind I suggest you return to the source: The greatness that is Rocky IV; or as I like to call it Rocky: The Musical. I feel like if you cut out the montages and James Brown’s musical number from this movie it would only be like half an hour long and just be robot, three fights, a funeral, and the end of the cold war.

While certainly not the best Rocky movie, it is absolutely the most fun, most quotable, and easily my favorite. I would also argue that this might be the best third act fight of all of the Rocky movies, or at the very least the most intense. Think about it. Put yourself in Rocky’s boots for a moment. You are walking into a ring with a roided out monster who killed your best friend, and is potentially about to do the exact same to you in record time, in a country where literally everybody hates you and heckles you worse than any crowd has as you walk to the ring. You’re no hometown underdog hero here, you are simply the enemy. Jesus that’s tense. Luckily, and predictably, Rocky not only defeats the monster but also eases severe political tensions between Russia and the United States. God damn what a man he is.

Now before moving on and letting you get to your viewing of this classic, I want to leave you with a few fundamental facts of life: “Hit the one in the middle”, “He’s not a machine, he’s a man”, and finally, but most importantly, “If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.”



Album – The Pogues – The Very Best of…


Seeing as how it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, how could I not recommend something Irish? Now, being that I’m from Boston, I know it is blasphemy not to recommend the Dropkick Murphy’s, but that’s way to obvious a choice. Instead, check out the Pogues, quite possibly the greatest Irish punk band (next to the Dropkick’s of course, calm down). I’m sticking with the greatest hits so you can get a true sampling of their greatness. So, while you pound beers this weekend, be sure to slam-jig as well with some truly great punk.



Enjoy your weekend Hi – Toppers! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Until next time, Sophomore signing off!

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