Wildcats Win, Wildcats Lose – Day 1 Tourney Recap

“You want me to say I f*cked up. I took Arizona to win it all. Fine I’ll say it. But I took Loyola and Alabama. They’re not bad.”

– Jim Calhoun

Hi-Topper Nation

It was a wild, wild, WILD first day of Madness. If you’re keeping score at home, the Lil’ Dogg went 14-15 on Day 1 (DAMN YOU ARIZONA!!!!!!!)

We had Buzzer Beaters:

And 360 Dunks:

The two biggest winners from Day 1 were the (not really underdogs) Loyola Ramblers and the instant legend Fatts Russell and URI.

Loyola provided the early dramatics taking out Miami in spectacular fashion. Do not be surprised when the Ramblers give Tennessee all they can handle.

Fatts Fatts give me more Fatts. URI did God’s work eliminating Oklahoma from our lives. Two more weeks of Trae Young talk would have sent the Lil’ Dogg to any early grave with a tombstone reading “Enough with Trae Young. He’s not that good!”

The entire universe will be wearing Rams baby blue when URI takes on the Dookies on Saturday.


Day 2 is now upon us. Look for New Mexico State to take down Clemson and Murray State to give West Virginia a scare.

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