Hoop Nerd – Draft Class Red Flags on top of Red Flags

The upcoming 2018 NBA Draft has been touted as being extremely deep. Unfortunately more and more Red Flags keep popping up on more and more players.

The Lil’ Dogg has previously discussed the tantalizing Luka Doncic and the overhyped Trae Young so now let’s take a look at Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton.

DeAndre Ayton – Freshman Center Arizona

Ayton has been getting a lot of hype as the projected #1 pick after a strong end to the Arizona REGULAR season. Unfortunately the cracks in Ayton’s armor showed big time in Arizona’s Tourney blowout loss to Buffalo.

DeAndre Ayton is 7 foot 1 with a 7-5 wingspan and he couldn’t block a shot if he was playing Muggsy Bogues 1 on 1.

As good as Ayton is on offense, he’s equally bad on defense.

Can you be a Superstar who’s great on offense but terrible on D? Yes if you’re a Guard. But if you are a Center….well let’s ask Karl Anthony Towns who’s been getting ROASTED this season for his defensive play.

Here’s Ayton “attempting” some perimeter D against Buffalo:

That’s against a dude on Buffalo. Next season Ayton is going to be asked to guard the likes of Lord Joel Embiid, the PorzinGod, KAT, etc etc.

Could Ayton develop into a strong defender? Sure potentially. But the early signs are not good. For most 7-1 Centers defense is the thing they rely on as their Offensive game develops and not the inverse. Ayton has been dominant offensively in College but that will not be the case in the NBA. If he can’t defend either…let’s just say that’s not what you want out of a #1 pick. Can you spell Olowokandi? Anyone? Anyone?

Will Deandre Ayton still be the presumed #1 pick after this disappointing Tourney performance? We shall see. If Texas’ Mo Bamba shows up big or Duke and Marvin Bagley go on a tear and win it all the pre-draft momentum could easily swing their way.


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