Everyone’s Goin’ Mad

At precisely noon today the entire country will go MAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi-Topper Nation, March Madness is officially upon us. If you haven’t joined our Bracket Challenge DO IT NOW!

This year’s version of The Tournament should be a wild ride. There’s some good teams and maybe even a great team but nobody is a sure thing and the path to the Final Four ain’t a cakewalk in any of the regions. For the Hi-Toppers out there looking for that last second edge over the rest of the competition here’s the

Official Lil’ Dogg Guide to Dominating the Madness

East Region

Team to Watch – Alabama is all the rage with the kids these days. Collin Sexton is the greatest Sexton since Charlie (seriously tho Beats So Lonely is the best song of the 1980s) and Bama is being tagged as the TEAM WHO COULD MAKE SOME NOISE. Sexton is pretty great but a Kemba Walker superhero turn is a big ask. Can he do it? Sure. Will he do it? Tune in and find out.

Team to Avoid – Villanova has had another great year but facts is facts and other than that time they won the whole damn thing, Nova perpetually disappoints come Tourney Time. Do not bank on the Wildcats making it out of the East.

West Region

Team to Watch – Gonzaga. Is this finally the Zags year to win it all? Probably not but their region certainly sets them up nicely to make a run.

Team to Avoid – Xavier. Bad D is not a good team trait to possess come Tourney Time. Look for the X-Men to be the first top seed to get bounced.

Midwest Region (why is there a Midwest and not a North? NCAA geography drives the Lil’ Dogg nutssssss)

Team to Watch – The Dookies. This is easily the toughest region of the bunch. Duke seems to be putting things together at the right time and as much as Coach K suuuuuucks he does know how to make a run come March.

Team to Avoid – Michigan State. The entire Big 10 is on notice since their Conference Tournament ended like six months go and all the teams have been just sitting around growing stale. How will the extra long layoff affect an up and down team like MSU is the question.

South Region

Team to Watch – Arizona. There’s more Wildcats in the South Region than an old bag lady’s apartment but these desert ‘Cats are the ones to watch. Peaking at exactly the right time and possessing the country’s most dominant player Deandre Ayton, Zona is by far the most dangerous #4 seed around.

Team to Avoid – Kentucky. The bluegrass Wildcats have had a rough year by Kentucky standards. Yes that includes winning the SEC Tourney but that’s basically the only thing these ‘Cats have done all year. Do not count on these younguns to make a run. It ain’t happening.

That’s it. Those are all the secrets your getting out of the Lil’ Dogg. Now off you go. Fill out those brackets and maybe just maybe you’ll be the lucky Hi-Topper who gets to sit at the big boy table and Dine with Le Cap.

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