Say Hello to the Beginning of the End

And in the end it wasn’t Brady or Belichick’s ego but rather Robert (I’m not the Daddy) Kraft’s stingy wallet that brought up the downfall of the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady is the 15th highest paid QB. Gronk is the most dominant player in the league and he’s now the FOURTH highest paid TE which means he’s like the 200th highest paid player in the league, the league in which I repeat he’s the single most dominant offensive position player since the damn game was invented.

The mass exodus has already begun from Foxboro and Free Agency just officially started. And the reason is money. Players want to get paid and Kraft refuses to pay.

The Patriots Dynasty has survived these last 17 years because players have been willing to come to New England for less money to be a part of the organization. They’ve bought into “The Patriot Way” which isn’t so much “Do Your Job” as it’s “Do Your Job (for less money than you are actually worth on the open market)”.

The luster has worn off and guys want that


The system has worked. Players want to win and coming to NE was as close as a guaranteed Super Bowl appearance as there has ever been. The problem with that philosophy is guys like Amendola got their ring and will happily walk away when another team offers a real contract. They ain’t taking less to stick around nor should they.

These guys are quite literally gambling their lives for football and if you don’t think they deserve to go after every damn cent they can get well you’re either dumb or naive and probably both.

Brady chooses to be fine with being the 15th highest paid QB. You can do that when you have hundreds of millions already and a wife who has the same. But for everyone else the “Come to NE for less” line has run its course. Sure you may get a few vets with money in the bank to bite but how’s that been working out.

The cracks are starting to show and when the walls eventually come tumbling down (and they will faster than you think) the reason behind the Fall of Foxboro will be Kraft’s refusal to pay players their due.


  1. If not paying a 32 year old receiver more money over 2 years than he’s made in his last 3 or 4 years is “stingy” then…sign me up for the stingy train.

    I’m not blaming them on Gronk or Solder or other core players until they actually screw it up.


  2. Literally seconds after writing that comment…Solder to Giants. That’s an actual player of consequence…not like old RB’s and WR’s


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