Nate Solder is Gone. Now what?

I started writing this to bash New England for letting him go. I wanted to keep up with my boy, Lil’ Dogg who was blogging his thoughts on the stingy Mr Kraft.

No internal replacement ready, terrible FA market, not likely to find a guy in the draft who can step right in….not a good spot.

So, my attitude was, it sucks, but you need to go as far as you need to, to lock this guy up. Speculation was 4 years, 12-13m per year….pay this man his money.

This was my “First Take”, about 3.5 hours before the deal:

Solder- first guess


Then, news broke a little while ago that Nate Dogg was signing with the Giants, and these are the terms:

4 years- $62 Million, with $35M guaranteed!!!!!

If that seems massive…it is. (that’s what she said)

solder- contract


Look, I’m not going to give you any spin here. But as my boy Lil’ Dogg would say #Factsisfacts, and the fact is that’s too much money for Nate Solder.

The Patriots’ media and fanboy cartels will be pointing out numbers that show how much he sucks, because, well, that’s what they do. I will not do that. My opinion of the guy doesn’t change with whether or not he goes somewhere else. A novel idea in these parts, I know.

He is a good to very good tackle, a few bonus points for being in the system and a good fit. Factor in your shitty situation- contender with no replacement and an old ass QB…that is why I would have extended to the 12M.

But I really am having trouble getting pissed at the Pats for this one. I really, really want to, because I can’t stand when people disingenuously change their view on things after it’s done, just because they are yahoos.

But sorry, folks. I’m not ranting and raving over this one. I’ll save that for when I see what their replacement strategy is. Hint- If it rhymes with D’Dadrian Schmaddle…I’m going to lose my f’ing mind!


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