All-Time Hi-Topper Guy – Lawrence “Poetry in” Moten

Lawrence Moten wore his socks high and his scoring average even higher. The all-time leading scorer in Syracuse history and top 10 in Big East history (and he played back when the Big East was the BIG East too), “Poetry in Moten” was all about those buckets.

Moten was the quintessential point scorer – he put the ball in the hoop every way imaginable, inside or outside, he could shot from distance or off the dribble, he was a master of movement without the ball, cutting or coming off screens he could always manage to get himself open and in position to make a play.

The Big East of the 90s was a Dog Eat Dog conference. You were in for a figurative and sometimes literal fistfight every night. But Moten’s game floated above the fray. He was silky smooth and deceptively athletic. He glided around the court just making basket after basket.

And with his white socks pulled up to the knees, Lawrence really was “Poetry in Moten”.

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