Guess That (Flava in Ya) Ear

It’s a snowy sad Tuesday at Hi-Top HQ as we learned of the passing of the one and only Craig Mack.

Craig Mack had only one hit but oh what a hit it was. Flava in Ya Ear Remix basically launched Bad Boy Records to dominance in the 1990s. It was undoubtedly the introduction of Biggie Smalls to the world (though he had songs and verses prior to Flava it was his spot in the remix that really launched his mainstream career) and the song also can be credited with resurrecting LL Cool J’s career.

Though Craig Mack never came close to reaching the heights of Flava in Ya Ear again the legacy of that one song is cemented in the annals of hip hop history. It’s easily a Top 5 rap song of the 1990s (Hi-Top Top 5 Rap Songs of the 1990s Coming Soon):

RIP in Peace to the one and only Craig Mack

P.S. Say an extra T&P’s for your boy Benny Gloves – Craig Mack superfan and one of six people on earth to purchase Mack’s SECOND album.

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