No, I’m not talking about the town, or city, or whatever of Bridgewater. That’s a place that everyone in Mass has heard of, but I’m pretty sure nobody north of Quincy could find it on a map. Got no use for that B-water.

What I am talking about is former Minnesota Viking Teddy Bridgewater. I planted a Le Cap flag on Teddy B while he was still at Louisville, and on draft day 2014, I proclaimed he would be the best QB of that class, which includes Bortles, Manziel, Carr, and Fanboy Fave Jimmy G.

I also proclaimed the following:

Bridgewater status

Since then? Bridgewater had an up and down first two seasons, but was playing at his best in the stretch run of 2015. He led the Vikings to a division title, and would have had a playoff win under his belt if not for a 27 yard shank off the foot of Blair Walsh.

Then, during training camp in 2016, with hopes high, Bridgewater suffered a knee injury that forced him out for pretty much 2 years, and disrupted his development into a top tier QB.

Now, Bridgewater is a free agent. and I want him in Foxboro. Like, now.

I don’t want some chump from the draft. Not the lacrosse player who’s entire family played football at Navy (that is a real guy, not a Belichick wet dream), or Baker Mayfield, or Mason Rudolph…I want Teddy B.



If you don’t know his game, some repeated themes throughout scouting reports are about being a great leader, having command of an offense, and the ability to run through progressions of receivers….any of that helpful in the NE offense???

+Doesn’t lock on to one receiver, goes through the progressions.
+Favorite receiver is the open receiver, doesn’t seem to miss uncovered guys.
+Shown a lot of trust by coaches – play action on the 1-yard line for example.
+Makes the right mistakes, misses on the correct side of the receiver.
+Humble player, deflects praise onto teammates in the media.
+Embracing his role as a vocal leader in the locker room and on the field.
+Described as extremely coachable, with a fantastic work-ethic.

Terrific competitor. Extremely driven to succeed. Well-prepared and confident in his approach….Football is extremely important to him. Highly respected, unselfish team leader. Rises to the occasion on big stages…Consistently moves the chains and comes through in the clutch. Is given a lot of autonomy to make pre-snap reads and adjustments at the line of scrimmage and understands how to exploit defenses. Meticulous in his preparation. Identifies with the game and really works at his craft.




I know he’s likely looking for a starting opportunity, and might come at a high price. Which is why I pounce right now. Before Cousins signs and dominoes fall into place…go offer Teddy that leaked bridge deal you offered Jimmy G. The one that escalated to $18m/yr, by the time he took over as starter.

Then you just tell him “Take it or leave it. If you don’t want to end up the QB of the NYJ, or some other loser franchise….take the deal, now. And we’ll make you a star.”

Then hang up the phone like you’re the renegade cop in an action movie handling a hostage situation….Teddy B’s people will call back. You’re the god damn Patriots…they always call back. Christ, Joshy McD got offered a head coaching job, and burned every bridge he’ll ever have in the league just to come back and be the OC.

If he doesn’t call back…you don’t want him anyway.





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