Weekend Winner

Good Morning Hi-Top Nation. It’s official. The Bracket is here and the madness has arrived. And that means Bubbles just won the Weekend.

Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s bubble burst and who’s bubble popped? If you are a bubble team and you get left out you’re bubble burst but if you’re a bubble team and you get in to the tourney what happens to your bubble? These are the questions that only get asked and never answered on Selection Sunday Weekend.

Everyone is talking about how terrible the Selection Show was and for good reason. But the truth is CBS ruined the broadcasting of the Tourney years ago when they decided to make the focus all about TNT and the NBA Analysts. Kenny and Chuck and even Shaq are the best NBA studio show for sure but they have no business being dropped into College Basketball at the end of the season. There’s plenty of great College Hoops talking heads out there. No need to shoehorn in NBA guys just cuz they’re famous. Until CBS takes back the focus over TNT the whole thing will continue to suffer.

Anywho, this first week of the Tourney is up there as one of the best sporting events in America so sit back and enjoy the madness (fingers crossed).

And be on the lookout for the Official Hi-Top Bracket Challenge coming soon.

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