Is there anyone on the Boston Celtics not injured?

News out of Boston Celtics Nation continues to be….what’s the word here….bad…bad and very very not good and also bad.

First Mr. Nice Guy was declared D-O-N-E done for the season:

Initially Theis is Nice was thought to have suffered a simple knee-to-knee knock but upon closer inspection things were revealed to be much worse.

Next up Marcus Smart who hustled himself right into another hand injury:

Add these to Kyrie Irving’s Day-to-Day status (Horford too with an illness) and the J-Train being in the Concussion Protocol process and of course Gordo….talk about limping into the playoffs.

The addition of Greg Monroe obviously now looks like a Godsend or at least forethought to the highest degree.

Jaylen and Al should be back soon enough so the biggest question really is Kyrie and his sore knee. The Lil’ Dogg says sit him indefinitely and let him rest up for the playoffs (seeding be damned). If not then at the very least he needs to be on a no back-to-backs, minute restricted schedule.

We have to have reached the nadir (or zenith?) of bad luck here for the C’s right?



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