Apparently NBA Teams are Choreographing Tip-Off Routines Now

NBA teams are coordinating routines after winning the opening tip and the Lil’ Dogg is all in:

Players having fun is always a good thing. And this is the epitome of harmless fun. Players being weird and creative is even better. The only problem is the limitations of what can be done after a tip-off.

But what about respecting the game???????

For sure as a Mark Price free throw some crusty dude is writing up a “Think Piece” on the vanity of the modern player and how Bob Lanier would have never participated in such nonsense.

And to that the Lil’ Dogg says

The score is 0-0 and two seconds have run off the clock. Chill out and enjoy a professional basketball player hiking a basketball through his legs.

It’s only a game folks.

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