Hi-Top TV Presents: Trust the Shamrock

Hi- Toppers…big day over here at the temporary Hi-Top HQ…aka dumpy ass hotel in the Woo. Thanks Mother Nature and National Grid!

In my State of the (Hi-Topper) Nation , I promised we had big things coming. And this is one of those things.

As you already know, Lil’ Dogg is a monster on the local B-ball scene. As you also may know, he started the #TrusttheShamrock movement…which is catching on all over town. BTW…you can get your own t-shirts here….

And now, we have this totally kick-ass video, created by our newest contributor (@lukemickman) (HTTA alias to be named later), and this will be the Official kick-off to our video department and our YouTube channel-  Hi Top TV. Make sure to subscribe!


I, Le Cap, on behalf of HTTA, present to you, Trust The Shamrock



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