NBA Rewind – DeRozan Destroyed Detroit

Last night the Raptors and Pistons decided that instead of playing a game of basketball they would rather stage an Off-Off-Off Broadway absurdist satire about the nature of modern sport.

Demar DeRozan played the role of Hero and the entire Pistons roster took turns assuming the role of Fool:

The Absurdist Comedy was taken to new heights when with 0.9 seconds on the clock in regulation the two teams took turns seeing who could make the ball go out of bounds in the most ridiculous fashion:

Toronto ended the night with a clinched playoff spot. The Celtics can clinch a spot of their own tonight with a win in Minnesota.

Elsewhere the Cans won their 10th straight:

And the Rockets extended their streak to 17 on the bounce downing the rapidly fading Bucks:

Meanwhile in Denver all is right with the Cavs again (until they lose and then the sky will be falling again):

Just your average night in the Only League That Matters.

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